The Top 7 Experiences in Odessa
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The Top 7 Experiences To Add To Your Itinerary In Odessa

West Texas is filled with hidden gems,

and there’s no better place to uncover a full treasure trove of experiences than Odessa. Regardless if this is your first time visiting or you’ve been too many times to count, these seven experiences are great additions to any itinerary.


Jackrabbit Jamboree Trail

There’s no better way to explore the community of Odessa than with the Jackrabbit Jamboree Trail.

Snag your passport and hunt down the 31 uniquely painted jackrabbits scattered throughout the community. Not only can you snap a selfie, or film a Tik-Tok or Reel at each sculpture, but the trail leads you to fascinating parts of Odessa that you may not have visited before - opening up a world of dining and shopping options along the way.

Hop On Over

Chris Kyle Memorial

Odessa loves its jackrabbits, but we are honored to have been the birthplace of United States Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle.

Born in Odessa, highly decorated Chief Petty Officer Kyle went on to serve in four tours of duty during the Iraq War—his story immortalized in the Oscar-nominated Best Motion Picture American Sniper. Following his tragic death, the Chris Kyle Memorial Statue was installed to honor his legacy of service. The 2,800 square foot memorial, flanked by four oak trees transported from President W. Bush’s ranch, also honors Kyle’s unmentioned team members, and all other unnamed SEALS who gave their lives for our country.

Honor the Legacy

Ratliff Stadium

There is nothing more “West Texas” than honoring our heroes, but football comes in at a close second.

Ratliff Stadium has hosted its fair share of big games for local high school football teams Odessa and Permian, but its most widely known as the filming location for the 2004 movie Friday Night Lights. It’s a must-see spot for any football fan visiting Odessa looking to remember their glory days or just to see one of the sport’s most iconic settings.

It's Kick-off Time

Stonehenge Replica

While the previous “monuments” are uniquely Odessa, this next one is well…a replica.

Nevertheless, the Stonehenge Replica is more than worth a visit. Not only will you save a pretty penny on the plane ticket across the pond, but here in Odessa, you’ll be able to walk through the structure; experiencing the massive stones in a way you cannot in Salisbury, England.

Go Explore

The Best Way To Experience Odessa Is By Aligning Your Visit With An Amazing Event Happening At One Of The City’s Fantastic Venues.

It's always a good idea to check out our event calendar before finalizing your plans to discover Odessa.


Ector Theater

The historic Ector Theater, which opened its doors in 1951, is hard to miss.

Its glowing neon marquee and signage beacons visitors to line up for their favorite artist, comedian, or performer. There is something magical about experiencing music in a place that has hosted countless breathtaking shows throughout the years.

What's Showing

Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center is a work of art unto itself.

This stunning building brings in the most culturally rich events found anywhere in the Permian Basin and helps develop performing arts for all levels and ages across the local community. The Wagner Noel has played host to internationally renowned comedians and concerts, symphonies and Broadway shows. But, it’s also featured local favorites and engaging events for visitors of all ages.

Check it Out

Cactus House

Find emerging artists at Cactus House - a venue that is authentically Odessa.

With an event calendar filled with local bands, personalities, art exhibits, open mic nights, and events, The Cactus House can be all things to all people. Want to catch a rising local star, be part of a grassroots event that speaks to your heart, or just have a great time with your crew? Be sure to check into Cactus House to see what’s on the docket during your visit.

Who's Playing

So Much To Discover

Odessa is filled with restaurants serving amazing food, local shops providing handmade pieces you can't find anywhere else, and one of a kind attractions - all with a warmth you can only find in West Texas. The further you dig into this vibrant community the more riches you'll uncover. Stay a while longer to give yourself time to walk the trails, honor our country's heroes, and catch a life-changing show in Odessa.

Discover Odessa

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